Brother with big cock enjoys luck

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LaSirena69 was ready to celebrate the cherries with her boyfriend, Xander Corvus, and decided that her spooky haunted Halloween party was the place to be. Even though Xander wanted to go into the kitchen for a bit and try to grab her ass, LaSirena69 didn't want anyone to catch them fooling around. Frustrated, Xander goes into the bathroom when Emma Hix appears... dressed exactly like his girlfriend. When Emma sees Xander, she can't help but want to make his fantasies come true and so, disguised as LaSirena69, she lets Xander massage her pussy and finger her first face all their guests before leading him upstairs. Once they're alone, Emma lets Xander eat her out and fuck her from behind. Everything is going according to plan until LaSirena69 walks in and Xander realizes that he has been fucking her best friend the whole time! LaSirena69 decides to teach Emma a lesson and spanks her roughly before rubbing her pussy and sitting on Emma's face as the other woman eats her out. Then LaSirena69 and Emma invite Xander to join, who happily fucks them senseless before getting the reward he deserves: a blowjob from two hotties and cumming on them both them!